"Even an idiot can't mess this up"

bildeTiger announced and new design in North Carolina Tuesday, and while I haven't seen many detailed articles, reader did find this video clip of the press conference where he refers to what "Perry" did at Southern Hills (so much for Mr. Maxwell!) and of course a proverbial it's "right in front of you" comment.

Pete Iacobelli writes:
Woods wants the scenic land to dictate the proposed layout and hopes the course give golfers a fair test and a chance to connect with nature. He visited the location earlier Tuesday and raved about the land.

"Even an idiot can't mess this up," he said. "I think I'm a little above that."

Woods took his time before launching his design business, he said, because he wanted a feel for what makes the best courses by playing the top layouts from around the world.

He said he likes layouts where golfers can the hole ahead of them along with well-placed bunkers that require careful shot selection.

Woods described himself as a "minimalist" designer and repeatedly said he didn't expect to move a lot of dirt during construction.

Woods and The Cliffs' owner Jim Anthony said they wanted High Carolina to be a walking-only course during the news conference. Afterward, Woods clarified they'll "strongly encourage" golfers to walk, but won't require it.

Anthony had Woods' drawings of a proposed golf course he mapped out at age 11. "I don't believe there's any golfer that has more desire," Anthony said. "He takes us to another level."

Woods' company took on a project in Dubai for his first course. He expects to gradually grow his golf design business, selecting projects that fit within his crowded schedule as a competitor and father.