First U.S. Open Question

2007usopen_50.gifWinner Angel Cabrera finished second in the field in driving distance and several long hitters were in the top 15.

The USGA contends that these guys attack the course with monster drives because they have U-grooves on their side to help with rough recovery shots.

I've long contended that it's the absurd narrowness of holes that eliminates strategic risk-reward golf.

Geoff Ogilvy contends that shorter, straight hitters like Fred Funk have lost their advantage because some of the fairways are so narrow that no one can reasonably keep a ball on them, so the long hitter gets to use shorter irons for approaches.

So I'm wondering what you think would have a greater impact on rewarding skill in the U.S. Open: V-grooved wedges and irons or fairways at 30 yards wide allowing for players to actually use sides of fairways and to actually demonstrate approach play skill?

(How's that for a leading question!)