Meeks Chimes In!

Meeks_1.jpgTNT asks Tom Meeks to chime in on Alan Holmes's dreadful and unorthodox relief ruling for Tiger Woods, and even the former USGA man had trouble endorsing what was done. Thankfully for Holmes, Peter Alliss was there to rescue the embattled rules, uh, expert. Sort of. 

Meeks reported that Holmes picked up the television cables, found "tension" and determined they could not be moved.

"In his opinion they were not readily movable."

Alliss then chimed in: "he tried to lift them. It's none of his business."

Precisely. Which of course was the most unusual aspect of it all. The official taking a proactive approach like that. Right?

So naturally, Alliss then said, "The fact remains that it really doesn't matter," and that Tiger "dropped it in a worse place than he was in before."


Alliss then went on about how the papers have "blown it all out of proportion" as they tend to do with all of these things like Gary Player's remarks.

Come on Peter...either the rules of golf matter or they don't.