"Too many players just want to hear the yardage from their caddy"

Craig Dolch thinks the players need to start reading their green sheets when it comes to the FedEx Cup and other PGA Tour issues:

As much as the PGA Tour has been force-feeding the media and fans about the FedEx Cup for more than a year, I can’t believe they weren’t using the same approach with the players. The problem is, too many players either don’t listen or care.

I remember going to this year’s Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines to do preview stories for the newly-placed Honda Classic, and I was struck by how few players were aware of how the Florida Swing had been shifted. Granted, it was still a month away, but it might have been years away as far as they were concerned.

Too many players just want to hear the yardage from their caddy, so they can hit the next shot. They’re not concerned about what happens on the next hole, the next week or the next year. Too few see the big picture, leaving the decision making to the tour’s four-man Policy Board.

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