Torrance Joins Euro Ryder Cup Drama

Lawrence Donegan reports on the latest in the Faldo-Monty brouhaha:
Joining Gallacher in the Montgomerie camp was Sam Torrance, a contemporary of Faldo and, like many who played alongside the Englishman when he was at his peak, not a huge fan of his interpersonal skills. "To even remotely suggest that Colin is not a team man is outrageous. I played in five Ryder Cups with Colin, a couple of World Cups and numerous Dunhill Cups and one thing he is for certain is a team man," Torrance said.

"I don't think you can criticise your players in public. It is not something I would have done and it's not something I've seen any other captain do. You've got to keep nice decorum in the team-room and keep them all happy. I'm sure Nick will learn from this, he will have seen the error of his ways in criticising Colin like that."