With All South African Family Friends Already Qualified, Player Tabs Weir To Ensure President's Cup Exhibition Status

Convinced that his 2005 selection of No. 22 points man Trevor Immelman vaulted the family friend rising star to even greater success, International team captain Gary Player expects to boost gate receipts resurrect the career of Mike Weir by adding him to the President's Cup team.

Mike, as we know, won the Masters, and has been a very, very good player throughout the years, very, very good match player. Even though he didn't finish in the Top-10, you know, it's a different story when you're playing match play and medal. And Mike is a real -- he's a terrific competitor. He's really a fighter, and I've got tremendous confidence in him. He's a wonderful -- you couldn't ask to have a better team member than Mike. If you don't put him in, he doesn't sulk. If you put him in, he always says he's willing to play anybody. As a captain, you know, it's always a difficult position because you can't satisfy everybody, even though you're trying your best. But he is a terrific team member.

And being played in Canada, if we didn't have a Canadian in the team in my team and playing in Canada, I can assure you in my opinion only, the series would be quite flat amongst the Canadian people. Mike is a hero in his country, deservedly so. And I'm sure the Canadian people are going to be relieved, because I continuously had questions every week: "Are you putting Mike, are you putting him in?" And I said, we have to wait till the end obviously.

Jack Nicklaus rounded out the American squad with Lucas Glover and Hunter Mahan. I'd make a joke, but the state of American golf just isn't very funny anymore.