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"You've Been Trumped" Preview

Shehani Fernando, Ken Macfarlane and Elliot Smith of the Guardian feature this preview of You've Been Trumped, the Anthony Baxter documentary debuting at this week's Sheffield Doc/Fest on the controversy surrouding Donald Trump's Aberdonian golf resort. It's about five minutes long but worth checking out.

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For the moment, Trump has shelved the compulsory purchase order route so now it's the turn of the bulllying and intimidation tactics. It just goes on an and for those unfortunate homeowners who just want to be left in peace to live out their lives.

Of course, I don't think it's the first time Trump has been down the cpo route. Didn't he try this in the US when he tried to build on a public amenity and lost? Given the level of hostility his project has been met with thusfar, it wouldn't just be a simple case of a handful of homeowners being forced out of their homes, Trump would be going 'head to head' with scottish history for it would be impossible for comparative references to these evictions not being made to the Highland Clearances. Somehow, I don't think wee eck (Alex Salmond, First Minister, who is hellbent on breaking away from the Union) would wish to get caught in the crossfire of what is already quite an emotional issue for many scots. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if he had 'warned off' Trump from going down this route as I wouldn't have thought that scottish sensibilities would have stopped the bulldozing Trump from proceeeding with cpos.

There is of course still a large questionmark over the viability of such a project. Indeed, I read somewhere that the turf is taking longer to establish than anticipated and the one thing Trump cannot control is the scottish weather!

Aberdeen has squandered its meagre resources on what amounts to a white elephant when it should have been concentrating 100% on developing 'renewables' in preparation for diminishing oil supplies.
Actually I believe this movie has already played or 'debuted' at a Toronto documentary film festival a few weeks ago. I guess you get more bang, if you just keep saying 'playing for the first time' everywhere you go. It doesn't contain anything a reader of this blog doesn't already know and there are about half a dozen similar docs, but not as well funded, floating around youtube etc.
06.9.2011 | Unregistered CommenterPress Agent
c & c,

I'm not so sure there is a large amount of "hostility" towards this project. From what I've seen, there is a small number of very vocal critics. Now I admit, perhaps there is a 'word on the street' type of movement that I haven't been able to gauge.

"Aberdeen has squandered its meagre resources on what amounts to a white elephant when it should have been concentrating 100% on developing 'renewables' in preparation for diminishing oil supplies. "

Who would pay for this 'pie in the sky' concept exactly?
06.9.2011 | Unregistered CommenterPress Agent
Press Agent ... Trump lost a lot of local support when he started to lean on those homeowners. In any event, I don't think you should confuse the "small number of vocal critics" who fought against this project purely on environmental grounds with those of us who simply cannot fathom how such a project can possibly succeed in this part of Scotland.

"Who would pay for this 'pie in the sky' concept exactly?"

Why "pie in the sky"?
'pie in the sky' because I'm familiar with a large number of renewable energy projects and there have been very few that haven't headed toward economic disaster. The only reason a good number of them continue is because they are funded by the government and as we know the government has no bottoms to their pockets. If renewable energy was such a gold mine we'd see more of the private sector coming forward with their own money to get projects going. And lets not bring up T Boone Pickens because it's already been proven that he has ulterior motives for his big support of renewable energy and it involves a huge con and making billions off oil and gas.
06.9.2011 | Unregistered CommenterPress Agent
Press Agent, I'm not completely naive about the current economic and practical realities of renewables. Nevertheless, I think you're missing the point in that it has now become a necessity to continue to research and develop this industry. The cost of fuel in Britain, whether it be for the car or the home has now reached exorbitant levels and is set to get a lot worse.

I've never been an advocate of wind turbines because they destroy landscape which Scotland needs for its tourism industry and it has a nasty tendency not to work in very low temperatures - nae wind! However, as Scotland is mostly surround by water and is also blessed with a number of tidal lochs, wave technology is the direction I would like to see us take.

Oil and gas won't last forever and even although there are still untapped reserves in the North Sea, this will need continued outside investment in order to exploit them. Why not instead invest in something that is free and comparatively unobtrusive viz wavepower?

Yes, I agree with you that there will inevitably be those who will be out to make a fast buck at the expense of the rest of us but should this, in itself, be a reason not to develop innovation in this field. I don't think so and, as I said before, I truly believe that we no longer have the luxury of choice. Quite apart from anything else, I do not want my children to become dependent on Russia for fuel!

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