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R&A Will Not Be Adding A Walker Cup Mid-Am Quota

Nick Rodger reports that the Great Britain and Ireland Team will not be joining the USGA's American team in requiring two mid-amateurs play in the Walker Cup. Mostly, the mid-am is a distinctly American obsession.

Nathan Smith, the current holder of that particular crown, has played in the past two Walker Cups while the last time Team USA had two mid-amateur men in the line-up was at Ganton in 2003, where Trip Kuehne and George Zahringer flew the flag.

In the UK, the British Mid-Amateur Championship, run under the auspices of the Royal & Ancient since 1995, was discontinued in 2007 while the Scottish equivalent withered on the vine and eventually dropped off the domestic schedule a couple of seasons ago. Given the mid-am culture here, it's hardly a revelation to discover that the R&A don't have any plans to follow the USGA's somewhat bold Walker Cup lead.

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Reader Comments (2)

the new us mid-am qualifications are nothing but tom o'toole throwing his weight around. if he gets the top blue blazer gig, look for more of this type of douchebaggery.
01.22.2013 | Unregistered Commenterbaked
The answer is to create a Mid-Am level Walker Cup event. Let the R&A include all of Europe if there aren't enough good mid-am level players in the UK. That way we don't have to hear people like "baked" above accuse USGA executives and board members of "douchebaggery". The Walker Cup is made up of non-amateurs anyway. Don't think for a second that the kids on the Walker Cup are "amateurs". Nathan Smith, Kevin Marsh, and other high-level, competitive mid-ams both lifelong amateurs and re-instated amateurs are closer to "real" amateurs than anyone on the Walker Cup.
07.28.2013 | Unregistered CommenterForty

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