Even More Wie DQ Follow Up

George White looks at the issues raised by the Wie DQ incident, namely, why is it in golf that these things can be reviewed the day after, while in other sports they'd never hear of such a thing.

Meanwhile at Golfobserver, David Barrett says throw out such analogies. He also makes this point, which might answer George White's questions regarding fairness.

I would like to see unknowing violations that come to light after a player has signed his scorecard be penalized by adding the appropriate penalty strokes--and maybe even two extra strokes--instead of with disqualification.

There are already a couple of principles embedded in the Rules that could lead in this direction. First, there is what happens at the end of the competition. Once a competition is closed--for a multi-round event, that means the final round is over and the result announced--a player is disqualified only if it comes to light that he knew he incurred penalty strokes but did not report them. This could be extended back to the time of signing the scorecard.

There's also an existing, but seldom-used, way to tackle the problem. The Rules give the committee the power to waive or modify a disqualification penalty in "exceptional individual cases." However, the Rulesmakers view "exceptional" to mean extremely rare...