More Wie DQ Follow Up

Nothing gets media juices flowing more than a story involving...itself! Lots of interesting reactions to the Wie DQ incident and Michael Bamberger's role in it.

Alan Shipnuck defends his SI colleague.  Tom Hanson in the Naples News says Wie is a victim of the SI jinx without even making the cover, and is pretty tough on Bamberger.

In the UK, Lewis Mair looks at all the losers in this, namely Annika Sorrenstam, whose easy win was forgotten, and whose post round press conference was deserted 5 minutes into it by the scribblers much more interested in the Wie story. Finally, Lawrence Donegan reports on an "angry altercation" between Wie's caddie and Bamberger over the incident. Jeese, it's just the Samsung World Championship. Let's all get along!