Special Pricing!

This went out to Golf Coaches Association of America members. 

Dear GCAA Member: 
SkyGolf, a proud new Corporate Partner of the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA), is extremely pleased that the SkyCaddie has been selected as the preferred GPS rangefinder of the GCAA.  A full package of information on the SkyCaddie will be sent to you the first week in January, but we wanted to quickly provide you with some of its highlights and our special GCAA pricing program.
SkyGolf is the clear leader in 21st century rangefinders. At a mere 4.8 ounces, our handheld SkyCaddie provides more essential data than any other system and does so quickly and from anywhere on the golf course. The SkyCaddie requires no aiming or line-of-sight, can be used close to the green, works under all conditions and uses a WAAS enhanced GPS system that is accurate within one meter. The SkyCaddie will provide your players with the necessary distances to bunkers, water hazards, doglegs, lay up points on par fives and the front, back and center of the greens. Proven in competition on the Adams Tight Lies Tour in 2005, the SkyCaddie provides all the distance information one would expect from a top PGA Tour caddie and will help your players with their course management and practice routine.
Special Pricing
We have established a special GCAA price of $299.95 per SkyCaddie unit, plus shipping, for your staff and team that includes five (5) years of unlimited access to the more than 8,000 courses worldwide that have already been professionally GPS-enabled by SkyGolf. This package has a total retail value of $649.95 per unit, plus shipping.  There is no monthly charge.
The rapidly growing list of U.S. courses set up for full SkyCaddie use now numbers over 8,000 including 65 of Golf Digest’s 100 Greatest Public Courses, more than half the top resorts and many of the Greatest 100. A listing of these SkyCourses can be found at www.skygolfgps.com. If your home course has not been enabled for play with the SkyCaddie, we will help you obtain permission for that process, which costs the host course absolutely nothing and uses no ugly markers, reflectors or special flags.

If a particular course has not been professionally GPS-enabled by SkyGolf, a player can easily record the front, back and center of the greens on the SkyCaddie unit during their practice rounds. This simple process, which takes less than a minute per hole, will provide more information than any optical or laser rangefinder and do so instantly from anywhere on the course, even if the green is not visible.

SkyGolf Commitment
SkyGolf is strongly committed to the future of college golf and we are confident that our product and service will have an important impact on both player performance and the pace of play. We will be happy to start the process of equipping your team with SkyCaddie units.
Please watch for your package and should you have any questions or wish to place an immediate order for mid January or February delivery, please contact me. I have provided my contact information below. I look forward to meeting you at the GCAA annual meeting in Daytona Beach. If you are planning to attend the 2006 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando that week, please be sure to stop by our booth - #8101.
With regards,
Kyle Loftis
Director of Customer Support
and Special Programs 

The prospect of forking out say, $2000 (for six devices, plus tax), may not sound like a lot. But to coaches at a majority of Division I schools, it's one more expense to add to the fundraising tab (and don't forget, in five years if SkyGolf is still uh, part of the marketplace, another bill will be coming).

It remains unclear to the coaches where exactly the NCAA stands on this for competition, but they believe the organization will allow them in NCAA events.

I'm trying to think back to the many times in college golf I waited for someone to compute a yardage. Not too often. Now, time spent waiting for someone to find a lost ball or wait for a green to clear or while someone lined up a putt?  Pretty much all of the time.

So I'm still having trouble seeing how this would speed up play when all competitors are walking and doing their own yardage work. 

Then again, I had a coach recently tell me that one of his players asked him what his yardage was from...oh about 40 yards out.