Discussion Group

One of the elements I love about this blogging nonsense is the whole interactive concept. The comments on various posts have been great, but they never really catch fire as "discussions" because posts roll off the first page and into the archives.

In poking around Squarespace today (and yes, I just figured this out), I can offer discussion groups rather easily.

They have the added benefit of being on the first page all of the time, and appear quite easy to use. At the moment I'm not going to ask that people register, as the only trouble I've had with the comments came from bloggers subsidized by equipment manufacturers shilling for their team.

For now, I have one DG posted, Discussion Architecture. Other topics I may add include technology, rules, books and history. When the tournament season starts up again in a few weeks, I'll add a Tournament page.

Please feel free to comment here or on the Discussion Architecture page about this rivetting development. And thanks for checking in.