"Hitting It Straight Will Be Key"

That was the jump header in Sunday's LA Times. The Thomas Bonk story in question offered an extensive look at Augusta National's recent changes.  It's a nice summary of the new look course, with some of the recent comments from Tiger and Couples. And thankfully, it lacks the excessive glorification we've read recently.

If nothing else, the club has helped Augusta's moribund non-Masters tourism industry by having all of these writers down for a looksy (ah, but do they get to bring their clubs?!). 

On this "hitting it straight" thing. I'm thinking that within a decade, maybe they'll paint a straight line down the center of what's left of the fairways, and deduct a stroke for those who toe the line, and maybe add strokes for those who dare to non-conform by playing to sides of fairways to gain approach better approach angles, etc...

Nice metaphoric quality to this, don't you think?