Year in Review Vol. 8: USGA Ball Study

2005.jpgApril and Golf World delivered the revelation that the USGA asked ball manufacturers to submit a rolled back pellet for study (only, of course). The USGA's Dick Rugge said these were only for study, but that all was fine. He also said all eight major manufacturers would be complying with the USGA's request.

Manufacturers moaned and said that the answer to golf's problems lies in narrower fairways and more rough. By July, Titleist was making it clear they weren't happy about cooperating with the ball study, but said they would still submit rolled back balls.

Meanwhile, the USGA took the offensive with the October issue of their sparse newsletter, which offered plenty of devil's advocacy, lame humor and little substance.

And in November, Lawrence Donegan informed us that no manufacturers had submitted rolled back balls for study.