Gore Wins

Jason Gore's post round press conference says it all. Some interesting stats on Gore's win at the 84 Lumber Classic:

Gore never finished higher than 18th during two previous stays on the PGA Tour, in 2001 and 2003, and had won only $40,399 on that tour this year. Now, he joins Paul Stankowski (1996) as the only winners on the developmental Nationwide and PGA tours in the same year. The portly, big-swinging Gore is the first to do so after earning the automatic in-season promotion that goes to any three-time Nationwide winner.

And here's proof that those Pepperdine preacher, err, professors didn't ruin his sense of humor:

"It's pretty incredible," said Gore, who played with a sponsor's exemption. "Around May-ish I was wondering if I could get formula for my child, if I was going to make a house payment, and now look. They just handed me a check for $792,000. It's amazing where a little perseverance and grit and maybe a little ignorance can take you."

Gore's funny, he smiles, he has perspective and he's self deprecating. (Trust me, it's those wretched religion classes they make you take in Malibu.)  He is exactly what the PGA Tour needs, and oddly, what the Tour discourages in some mysterious, perhaps unintentional way.