Huggan on Schofield, Hewitt

John Huggan looks at Ken Schofield's post European Tour work and includes this anecdote:

...there is little doubt that Schofield is enjoying his new roles in life. Already, there is a more relaxed aura about him, a less guarded and less intense outlook. Even his legendary propensity for talking in politician-like circles when answering the awkward questions is less pronounced.

The edge is still there, though. Sitting with his notoriously jingoistic and often xenophobic Golf Channel colleague, Brian Hewitt, during an on-air conversation at last month's USPGA Championship, Schofield was quick to stick up for those he represented so zealously for so long. More than once the horrible Hewitt found himself politely chastised.

I think it's safe to say that if there's ever a Golf Writer's Association of America four-ball, there will not be a Huggan-Hewitt team!