Preferred, Corporate Sponsor, Partner

Various distance measuring device companies have been circling the Golf Coaches Association of America, eager to profit off of college athletes. 

So eager is the GCAA administration to speed up play in golf, they've announced a partnership, a preferred device and a corporate sponsor. Amazingly, that covers all three makers of golf related distance measuring devices!

Bear with me. 

First, LaserLink announced yesterday that they were "partnering" with the GCAA, making official what was first posted here a few weeks ago.

“We are extremely excited to be partnered with the GCAA, and we look forward to doing our part to help to speed the pace of play at collegiate tournaments around the country,” said Rob O’Loughlin, President, Laser Link Golf. 

“The leaders in collegiate golf are making the right decision,” said O’Loughlin. “Distance measurement technology can only help these young competitors play faster and better rounds.  Gathering distance information is a time consuming process, and a process that every player goes through before every stroke.  Golf tournaments at every level could benefit from a quicker pace, and the Laser Link Distance System is the quickest and easiest way to calculate distance to the flagstick.”

And at just $250 per thing-a-ma-jig, why wouldn't he want to be a partner?

“The GCAA is excited about the impact range-finding devices will have on college golf and the options that players and coaches have to potentially speed up the pace of play,” said GCAA Executive Director Gregg Grost.  “Laser Link Golf’s system will be a great tool on the course.” 

In December SkyGolf announced they were the "preferred" rangefinder of the GCAA.

...SkyGolf, makers of the SkyCaddie "next-generation" GPS rangefinder, has been chosen by the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) as the organization's preferred GPS rangefinder. This means any of approximately 9,000 men's NCAA Division I, II or III, NAIA or junior college golfers could be some of the first to employ SkyCaddie for critical distances during competition once the new ruling takes effect in January 2006 

And then a letter from Bushnell went out to college coaches this week. A couple of coaches forwarded it with cranky comments grumbling about now there's "even more money I have to raise" and "why do I have to use my already thin budget on this?"

Anti-capitalist technophobic agenda types are in the coaching ranks too!

From Bushnell:

Dear: GCAA Member/Coach  

We are pleased to announce that Bushnell Yardage Pro Laser rangefinders are back as a corporate sponsor of the GCAA. 

Pardon the interruption. Yes, the triple crown: a partner, a preferred and a corporate sponsor. But no official supplier yet.

Gosh, you'd think if they were really concerned about pace of play they would be handing these out for free. More Bushnell:

Currently a website is in its final stages of construction and it will be dedicated for use by GCAA members only; however, we wanted to provide you with the 2006 Bushnell Collegiate Program right away.

Key Points to remember before making your decision: (Please see attached comparison sheet)

-Bushnell is used by over 95% of the players on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and Nationwide Tours for a REASON. 

The REASONS are: 
-Accuracy (+/- 9 inches, also Bushnell laser will give your players exact distance to the flag and not to a quadrant or generalized pin location on the green, which can be up to 5 yards off) 

-Ability to range to any target on the golf course (flag, lip of a bunker, trees, etc)
Reliability (you don’t need to worry if the course has been mapped or if it has reflectors)

Pricing Program: PinSeeker Tournament Edition (SKU # 205102): Approved for tournament play!

-This model features PinSeeker technology which allows for easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently getting distances to background targets.  When more than one object has been acquired, the closer of the two objects will be displayed and made known to the user via the LCD display.

-This model also features SCAN which allows you to scan across the landscape while viewing a continuously updated LCD display of the distances between you and the targets acquired.

Golf Market Price $299
GCAA Price $287
Buy 9 units and get the 10th model at 50% off

Wow, what a deal! They're knocking $12 whole dollars off each model, not even 5%! The savings might cover the cost to insure these. Oh but there's more to buy...

PinSeeker Slope Edition (SKU # 205103):

-This model features PinSeeker technology, SCAN, and Slope +/-

-Slope provides the golfer with a compensated distance based upon the amount of incline or decline in a particular shot.

-This model is only legal for practice rounds and turning in scores for handicap purposes, it is NOT legal for tournament play.

Golf Market Price $339
GCAA Price $322
Buy 9 units and get the 10th model at 50% off

Yes, so if you are Oklahoma State and you have a $165 million, naturally you buy both models to show recruits how much money you have. The rest, you're on your own.

Ordering Information:

Bushnell will be at the GCAA show in Daytona Beach; however, due to very limited quantities of our New Tournament Edition, we ask that you place your orders ASAP to ensure delivery before your first event.  We are committed to you and your success with our product line and will do whatever is necessary to make you completely satisfied with your purchase.

Bushnell accepts Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover credit cards.  If possible we urge you to please use a credit card as it will expedite your order.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email/call Margi or myself.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you in Daytona Beach.

And taking your money.