Classic Club Wind

windmills.jpgAll jokes about putts breaking to the freeway aside, I had no idea that the Classic Club was on the other side of the freeway until this week. This time of year in the desert, that should always make the new host course susceptible to a wind event.

Now, we're not talking about a bad day at the British Open here, but an evacuate-the-television-towers-and-grandstands type of event.

Thomas Bonk in today's LA Times:

As for Perez, let's just say he had the kind of day that sorely tested his newfound positive attitude. He was four over after 11 holes and wound up with a one-over 73 at the wind-blown Classic Club.

It was a round that suffered in comparison with the 60 he shot in the first round at the Palmer Course at PGA West. This was no surprise to Perez, who offered a brief critique of his round.

"Terrible compared to yesterday," he said.

This time, Perez knocked his ball into the water at three holes, including his first shot of the day at No. 1, his first shot at the 10th, plus his four-iron second shot at the 18th.

He was not happy about it, but Perez should have known such a feeling was a distinct possibility, right after he played nine holes in a practice round Sunday at the Classic Club.

"The flags were almost coming out of the holes … it was blowing 80 miles an hour. I said 'We're out of here.' That gave me a good enough sign of what could happen during the week."

The Classic Club played to an average score of 73.37 on Thursday, about 3 1/2 shots harder than the first round. It was also close to four shots more difficult than the Palmer Course at PGA West played in the second round.

"This course is so much different than any other one," Perez said. "It's not even close to PGA West. And the wind tunnel. It howls here….