"That's Not A TV Contract, That's Alimony"

Rex Hoggard peels off a series of funny one-liners before getting to some of the serious issues tied to the new TV deal.

Fifteen years? That's not a TV contract, that's alimony.

"The Golf Channel brings a lot," Finchem said. "The reason for 15 years is that it sets the table for us to protect our position in the long-term as the television marketplace continues to evolve."

The F5s in the movie "Tornado" didn't spin like that. It was a bright and shiny day in Ponte Vedra-ville. Everywhere else, however, folks were on pins and needles last week waiting to hear details of the new deal.

If the Nixon White House would have protected secrets like Finchem & Co., "Tricky Dick's" face would be on Mt. Rushmore right now. Just ask any one of a half-dozen tournament directors who sat by their phones last week waiting to hear their fate.

He then talks to several tournament directors about the fate of their events. The fate of Doral turnaround man Eddie Carbone as well as events in Hartford and Washington are brought up.

But it boils down to this: the Greensboro and Tampa Bay stops are happy, everyone else is either lukewarm or downright upset about the new deal.