Week In Review, Jan 22-28: USGA Jet Use

WeekInReview2.jpgThe week kicked off with the first exclusive to this site and ended with a pair of notable contributions.

Scrutinized was the USGA's use of private jet travel for its president (and controlled by the sitting president). The first follow up looked at the cost based on published estimates, another highlighted the comments of USGA Executive Director David Fay, while we wrapped up the quest for details with a firm no from USGA spokesman Marty Parkes.

More interesting than my musings were reader comments, which are viewable here and here, and which would seem to indicate that the USGA has an image problem.

Former USGA Executive Director Frank Hannigan wrote to this site and raised many issues that will be analyzed next week (I know, you can't wait).

In other news, David Davies joined the technophobic agenda crowd while Chris Lewis looked at the future of the game and wasn't wild about what he saw.

Bill Kratzert talked to Garry Smits about the repercussions of the Tour TV deal and its 2007 departure from ESPN.

Again, reader comments were very interesting on Taylor Made's use of michellewiegolf.com. Thanks again to reader Tuco for the heads up, and to all of the readers who helped out this week. I couldn't do it without your help.

My latest Golfdom column arrived just in time for the PGA Show. The hate mail has slowed...for now.

Tiger Woods talked about the changes to Augusta National and offered some wisdom about setting up the course when its wet.

And finally, there were so many great comments this week on various posts (thanks for the contributions, please keep it up), but I'd hate to not recognize the input of touring professional Sean Murphy.  He commented on Jeff Rude's story, where Murphy was mentioned (and constructively criticized).