CaddyCam Is Here!

CaddyCam.jpgThanks to reader Brian for this David Helwig story on the latest and greatest invention to make the blind shot a little less painful...for those who might get hit.  Somehow, I don't see one of these popping up on the 4th at Fisher's Island anytime soon.

CaddyCam, the first-ever wireless solar powered monitoring system that allows golfers to view a remote blind spot from the tee, removes the threat of striking other golfers who may be playing ahead on the same hole.

The CaddyCam monitoring system can also be used to see a detailed view of the pin placement on an elevated green.

The CaddyCam monitoring system is comprised of two units.

The camera unit is an aesthetically pleasing ten foot pole structure on which the camera and transmitter are mounted as well as the solar panel.

The location of the camera unit is typically to the side of the fairway in a location that does not interfere with play.

The monitor unit is also a ten-foot pole structure that supports a mounted receiver, solar panel, and an enclosed color LCD monitor for viewing.

The monitoring unit is conveniently positioned by the tee box or cart path.

What, it's not wireless transmitted to the cart GPS screen? Disappointed!

Now, wait. Maybe this is the key to making blind shots acceptable again? Granted, some of the mystery isn't there, but imagine a group being able to report to their playing partner where his shot came down? ;)