The Better Commissioner?

I haven't been able to bring myself to wondering out loud if Carolyn Bivens is actually doing a better job than Tim Finchem.  But you have to give her credit for saying fewer stupid things lately, pushing the innovative ADT Championship (well...not sure how much this was her idea) and most of all, initiating a drug testing program while the PGA Tour stumbles all over itself.

But is this really a statement about Bivens and the great job she is doing, or just how out of touch Finchem has become?

I'm thinking the latter, and Joe Logan agrees in his column today.

But with commissioner Carolyn Bivens proclaiming she wants the LPGA to be "proactive" even though she sees no evidence of a problem, it makes Finchem look, well, asleep at the wheel.

It makes you wonder what the player directors must be thinking after re-upping Finchem for four years and $7 million a year.

Or did those player directors actually renew his deal?