"An acceptable gimmick one time a year"

...well, unless we're talking about the Skins Game, where we're only five days away from Daly (lost tour card), Couples (lost interest), Ames (lost back) and Funk (lost to Champions Tour) battle it out to see just how low the ratings can go.

But we have time to soak up the anticipation of that stellar event. In the mean time....

Brian Hewitt calls the LPGA's ADT Championship "brilliant" while Ron Sirak gives it a positive review. But he points out that like the FedEx Cup, there may never be much interest in the season long points race to earn players a birth in the event.

Perhaps fans don't care about the season long races because they seem more like an excuse to drop the sponsor's name weekly than a genuine attempt to create excitement?  This may especially be the case with the forthcoming FedEx Cup.