Tiger-Federer Bond Grows, Tiger Now Picking His "Brains"

federerwoodstrophy.jpgAP reports that they aren't quite Lance Armstrong-Matthew McConaughey close, but getting there...
 "We've gotten to know each other. It's not too often you can relate to someone going through certain things, and we both can," he said. "It's nice to be able to talk to someone like that."

Woods said he could relate to Federer like he could with basketball star Michael Jordan.

"It's nice to pick his brains. I've been lucky to get to know Michael Jordan pretty well and it's good to find people you can talk to about preparations and distractions, about getting to the top and then moving forward."

Woods and Federer, who are represented by the same agency, might even have a social match.

"I'd love to play (golf) with Roger. I'd love to play tennis with him too -- I'd prefer to play tennis," Woods said.