Oh, To Be A Subscriber, Vol. 1

Regular readers of this site may know of my personal struggle to receive golf publications in a reasonable amount of time. Or at all.

logo_golfweek.gifOver the years customer service reps have insisted that the late service is caused by my choosing to live in the far west, or because of nearby postal delivery personnel mysteriously choosing my Golf World or Golfweek to read.

Even Golfdom usually arrives at the end of the month it was intended to arrive. That's a solid 2-3 weeks after east coast readers have sent me their hate email. Frustrating, you know. By then I can't even remember what I wrote that upset them so.

But imagine the shock when I opened my mailbox to find the February 4 issue of Golfweek...on February 2! Lately, the trade publication has been a real favorite of the gang manning the 90403 mail distribution center. Not this week. Maybe it's Tiger fatigue. He's on the cover. (And it's a great issue too).title_progolfweekly_sm2.jpg

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my first SI Golf Plus of the new year. After three calls so far, no luck. However, Jamiqua (sp?) dared to go where other customer service reps would not. She has written a note to the distribution plant to find out why they can't get me my beloved Golf Plus. She says I may see a Golf Plus in a couple of weeks.

Golf World, meanwhile has been unusually timely since the new year.  As in, arriving the week of its publication date.

I know you all feel so much better knowing all of this.

But I'm curious how many others have trouble getting their magazines in the mail?  And if so, does it send you to the internet for more information?  I've set up a thread under the Technology section if you should feel compelled to post on this absolutely vital topic.