Questions for the USGA Annual Meeting

For those attending this weekend's USGA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, we can only imagine the excitement you'll feel when history takes place:  Fred Ridley officially hands over access to the Citation Vector Card the presidency to Walter Driver.

Though media access to the officers will probably be limited, I thought I'd suggest a few questions should any intrepid reporters get a moment on-the-record with an Executive Committee member or past president. Well, the ones cleared to speak. A few questions to consider:

  • At the 2004 Annual Meeting, Walter Driver attributed 75% of the distance increase to "player athleticism."  Do you still believe this to be the case in light of the widespread distance increases?
  • In 2002 the USGA issued the Joint Statement of Principles which David Fay described as the "benchmark" document related to the distance issue. Since then there have been "significant increases in hitting distances at the highest level," which the statement said would be "undesirable." How does the USGA plan to deal with the "undesirable" situation that golf finds itself in, and what is the timeline for action?
  • Why can't the USGA disclose private jet trips if they were used to conduct traditional USGA business by taking officers to public events like First Tee meetings or state golf association dinners?
  • Were there any trips to Augusta National not associated with Masters week?
Readers, anything you'd ask the governing body if you had the chance?  Please post away...