Great Tournaments On DVD?

Commenting on Guy Yocom's oral history of Nicklaus's 1986 Masters win, Intermurph raised the question of why can't we buy a DVD of the '86 final round as CBS televised it.

While that event has always been a natural for such a release, few other majors would probably be worth buying as they were aired.  

But what if majors were given a similar treatment that films receive when going to DVD? Perhaps there is a player commentary option where we hear the eventual champion or another track with contenders talking over the telecast?

Or say, in the case of the '86 Masters, a commentary by Frank Chirkinian and some of the announcers discussing that epic telecast? Other extras could include the daily highlight shows, tournament preview shows, post round news conferences, etc...

For instance, the 2004 U.S. Open could include Walter Driver's press conference where he blames the mystery roller  For instance, the ESPN or Golf Channel  Sunday night interviews with the winners, or perhaps with certain events, the views of writers or announcers about the day.

Thoughts? As Garth Pancake says in The Ladykillers, it's just a trial balloon.

Oh, and what events would you put at the top of a dream major you'd like to see with bonus commentary?

Off the top of my head, the must-Masters would be 75, 86, 87, 95, 97, 04 and 05.