The Commish and The King

The Commish dropped his usual stuff about enhancing the texture and fabric of the Tour (are we making quilts here!?), while Arnold Palmer was mostly asked about the Augusta changes. He sounded like he was trying to back off some of the remarks he made to the Golf Digest Panelist Summit.

The final question was the most interesting, albeit way too long. 

Q. You and Jack obviously have a unique relationship with Augusta National, as architects, champions and members there, and you exerted some influence on the chairman a couple of years ago with regards to the age limit there, do you think that if they feel like maybe they have gone too far on some of these changes on the course, would they be willing to dial it back a little in the future and maybe restore a little less length in places or maybe cut a tree down here or there? And if you had had any influence on the changes what kind of ideas would you have to make it a course that could keep up with today's golfers without just adding length?

ARNOLD PALMER: (Turning, looking at Commissioner Finchem.)

COMMISSIONER FINCHEM: Don't look at me. (Laughter).

ARNOLD PALMER: I think I'll stay out of that. (Laughter).

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you for joining us.

COMMISSIONER FINCHEM: Thanks for rescuing us Joan.