Sherman: Augusta Unveiled

Ed Sherman points out several things you may or may not know about Augusta National Golf Club:
Burning: You would expect that Masters caps would be the best sellers in the merchandise store here. But Masters scented candles? Apparently, they fly off the shelves. Perhaps nothing sets a romantic mood better than an Augusta candle.

The candles supposedly a have floral scent. But if the club really wanted to get authentic, it would devise a candle that smells like a used towel from one of the caddies.

High-ranking assistance: Augusta's membership roll features the high and mighty, and many are put to work during the tournament. Still, it's surprising to see former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn of Georgia listed on the media committee.

Nunn hasn't been seen in the press room this year, but he did find his way there last year. It would be a sportswriter's dream to say, "Hey, Senator, can you get me the quote sheet from Rory Sabbatini?"