Some Quick Final Round Thoughts

masterslogo2.gifWell, I don't know about you, but after those Exxon-Mobil ads, I'm ready to forgive the Valdez, the various shenanigans and the $40 I gave them for 13 gallons of gas this morning.

Any company that loves children that much, must be special.

By the way, if you need to induce a migraine, you can relive those ads here. And if you want to read about some shareholders who filed a resolution accusing the company of discrimination for sponsoring the Masters, you can go here (and even read a quote from the long, lost Martha Burke).

Oh, the golf...

Good thing there was no playoff: Leaders Start Time: 2:52 EST, Finish Time: 7:26, Sunset: 7:55

Angles: Loved the Clampett-Wadkins debate about the talk of angles on No. 11 when Couples and Mickelson had different views of the hole. Imagine if the players could actually pick a side instead of trying to keep it in a 25-yard wide fairway.

"With all due respect, those hugs mean more than the green jacket.": Wow, Phil and Rick Smith are close, but come on Jim Nantz? Oh, you mean the Lord Fauntleroy suit on Evan. Who's doing his highlights?

Options: Impressed by Peter Kostis's Orwellian take on No. 7, explaining how the new length "gives the players options." A new 12th tee at 275 yards out would install some options there too.

Bored: Did you catch the reclining rules official on No. 13 with his legs stretched out, as if he was sitting on the beach? Classy touch.

Clampett: Minimal nonsense today, only a couple of Hogan's Bridge remarks, and only one head scratcher that came when talking about No. 11: "nobody has figured out a way to make birdie here...except Larry Mize."  Hey, there were 6 birdies just this week! Sorry...

No. 11 Final Tally: Average 4.4745, Rank    1, Eagles 1, Birdies  6, Pars  158, Bogies  86, Doubles  19, Others   4

Driving Distance: The average of all drives recorded was 282.9 yards. The top 5 for those playing all four rounds? Mickelson, Couples , Singh, Pampling, Beem. That didn't stop Kostis from trying to paint Tim Clark as the new poster boy for Hootie Johnson's course changes. Still, Feherty did a much better job Peter and he should win this year's award from the Total Information Awareness Committee.

Your thoughts?