Love: Minor Advances in Equipment

From a teleconference to plug something...

Q. Given how well you played that week in '97 and knowing what you do about some of the changes they've made to that golf course, do you imagine that anyone would come close to 11-under par if that golf course is firm the week of the U.S. Open?

DAVIS LOVE III: I doubt -- if you went back and played the same course again, it would be hard to get to that score. I think Justin and I got kind of on a roll there and were pushing each other. It would probably take a similar situation, two guys playing well and leaving the field and focusing on each other, pushing each other. Sometimes you see that, that two guys will separate themselves, feel like they're chasing the rabbit a little bit and getting away.

But I would doubt it. It sounds like the course, from what I've heard from amateurs that have played there in the invitational, is extremely hard. We have to prepare ourselves for that in most majors now, that it just gets harder and harder, gets more difficult. With the minor advances we've gained in equipment, the golf courses are certainly more than making up for that.