Monty Calls For Ball Limits

Monty saw the new-look Wentworth, and decided it's time to do something about the ball. And for that, he joins The List of noted figures in golf who have made similar calls in the last few years. 

From a BBC interview today:

"The ball's going further and further - changes like this are almost demanded.

"I wish we could control the length of the golf ball and it would save this happening," he told Radio Five Live.

Els has also added 30 bunkers to the course, and Montgomerie said the changes were inevitable.

"It had to be done - the new owners wanted 300 yards on it, Ernie did and I think we all did," added Montgomerie.

"It's a shame in many ways because it has changed the course, but then again it's been very well done.

And this...

"We can't keep on borrowing land from people's gardens around the Wentworth estate - the easy option is to change the golf ball to make it go less far, to put a speed limit on it if you like.

"That's what we need to do but obviously the manufacturers haven't got together to make that possible."

Haven't gotten together to make that possible. Who said Monty has no sense of humor!