More Questions For Fay/Driver

us open icon.jpgOn top of the questions already posted, I have a few more that would be nice to ask at the USGA press conference while a stenographer is present:

AP reports that you are looking into eliminating the Hawaii sectional qualifier, but is there any consideration to adding flexibility to the European sectional where 24 players withdrew, creating a disproportionate number of spots in this year's field?

And this one was inspired by one of Sean Murphy's recent posts and would make a nice follow up on the inevitable tournament ball question:

The USGA's position has been that bifurcation of the pro and amateur games created via a tournament ball spec would be bad for the the game, but what would you say to those who believe that modern distances along with intricately tiered rough and other extreme course conditions not attainable or desireable in everyday golf, have already bifurcated the professional and amateur games?