Ogilvy Follow-Up Stories

Andrew Both writes about Adam Scott passing up a seat on Ernie's jet to return to Winged Foot for the finish.

Mark Coultan also reviews Sunday's proceedings, and it includes a photo of his parents toasting the win.

Damon Hack in the NY Times catches up with Ogilvy in Manhattan while he makes appearances.
"He said, 'Congratulations,' " Ogilvy said yesterday in an interview in Manhattan. "He was pretty shaken up about it. He was almost as sad for the fans as he was for him. He's going to remember that one for a while."

If Mickelson never adds a United States Open trophy to his case, the double bogey on the final hole that hastened his demise and elevated Ogilvy to a one-stroke victory will linger in golf's annals. But to view the championship in Mickelsonian terms obscures the back-to-back pars that Ogilvy dug out of Winged Foot's turf, from the greenside rough on No. 17 and with a delicate 6-foot putt on No. 18.

"I knew if I missed it, I had no chance," Ogilvy said of his putt on 18. "I knew if I made it, it would make him have to par the last hole, which is not the easiest thing to do in the U.S. Open. You never know what's going to happen, especially on the last hole."