Ogilvy on Letterman

Clearly, Bill Sheft is missed at Letterman, as Geoff Ogilvy did the "Top Ten Things That Went Through Geoff Ogilvy's Mind After Winning The U.S. Open."

Here's the link to the video that will only be found today (click on Comedy Clips), while the text of the list is posted here and copied below. (The Outback line is much funnier hearing Geoff read it, and unlike most athletes who appear, he recites the Top Ten flawlessly!).

10. "This is one of those things you never forget like seeing John Daly in the locker room naked"

9. "I wish I hand't put all my money on Phil Mickelson"

8. "Even I've never heard of me"

7. "Now I can take a vacation from the grind of playing golf all day"

6. "Crap - - I'm gonna have to go on Letterman"

5. "After all these years, I can finally use my 'World's Greatest Golfer' mug"

4. "I can quit my day job at Outback Steakhouse"

3. "What would Reteif Goosen do?"

2. "I hope this victory isn't overshadowed by America's world cup excitment"

1. "Thank you, Balco!"