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 I wonder what the point of this is other than to plug those superstores? It's not to give the USGA data to study, is it?

Short-game Guru Dave Pelz To Appear At 23rd Annual PGA Tour Superstore World Amateur Handicap Championship

Pelz and PGA TOUR's ShotLink Team to Gather World Am Golfer Shot Data for Future Comparisons with PGA TOUR Golfers

August 1, 2006, Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Dave Pelz, golf's foremost authority on the short game and putting, will partner with the PGA TOUR's ShotLink team at the 23rd annual PGA TOUR Superstore World Amateur Handicap Championship, August 28 - September 1 in Myrtle Beach, S.C., to gather golf-shot data on amateur participants for comparison to data regularly collected on the PGA TOUR.

The ShotLink system is the TOUR's data engine, developed in conjunction with IBM, that tracks every shot by every player in real-time. ShotLink integrates data sources to record and transmit information including shot number, drive length, ball location and score. This data is supplemented by the use of laser devices positioned throughout the course to record the exact position of every ball.

The PGA TOUR Superstore World Amateur Handicap Championship, the world's largest single-site golf tournament, will serve as a beta test site as the ShotLink scoring system has never tracked amateur golfer data. During the World Am, the scores for scratch, 10, 20, and 30-handicap golfers will be recorded at four holes during all four rounds. All four flights will play the same courses and the Pelz/Shotlink team will track their statistics.