Rolex Rankings Tweaked

It looks like the Michelle Wie-ranked-second-without-a-win-farce is over.

From the LPGA:

Following is a media question and answer session with Chris Higgs, chairman of the Rolex Rankings Technical Committee regarding two modifications to the Rolex Rankings.

PAUL ROVNAK:  I would like to welcome Chris Higgs, chairman of the Rolex Rankings Technical Committee to the interview area.  Many of you were present when Chris announced two slight modifications to the way the
Rolex rankings are calculated.  For those of you who were not present, Chris, if you would briefly review the modifications and then we'll take questions.

CHRIS HIGGS:  Be happy to.  As you know when the rankings first came out with a minimum number of events required to be ranked in the rankings, that number was 15.  As a result of our biannual meeting of the Technical Committee and the Board of the World Rankings, we decided to make two modifications to the ranking system. The first is the elimination of a minimum number of events, and the second is the addition which is similar to men's golf, of a divisor.

The easier way to describe that is beginning with the conclusion that of this week's Weetabix Women's British Open, any player on any eligible tour who scores points will now be eligible to be ranked.

And getting to the point behind this...

Q.  So before this week where would Michelle Wie be ranked using the new

CHRIS HIGGS:  If you were to use this week's current rankings, pre-British Open, and apply the new 35 divisor, I believe Michelle would now be ranked seventh.