"I didn't see her but two times while she was incarcerated"

John Daly really needs to come to the press tent more often. At the 84 Lumber Classic Tuesday:

Q. What's been the response on Tour since your book has come out with the other players? Do they kind of view it as "that's John"? Did they kind of pretty much know all of that before it was put in print?

JOHN DALY: Well, it's amazing because I've had about 20 of the guys on Tour say, "I bought your book." I said, "What the hell are you buying it for? I'll give it to you." Most of them said they learned a lot about me, but they said they felt like they were having a conversation with me, like they were just talking to me. Most of them enjoyed it. A lot of them all said they really enjoyed it. They just didn't know some of the tough times I had in my past growing up and stuff, they didn't realize that. And some of the crazy things that I've done in my life, they didn't know that, either, but they said they learned a awful lot about me. But when they said they felt like they were talking to me, then I must have touched something to the reader.

Q. Your wife Sherrie, is she back now?


Q. Just one more question regarding the book. In the book you wrote that the more sex you have, the better golf you play.

JOHN DALY: That tells you another reason why I played bad this year (laughter).

Q. I was going to phrase the question this way: With your wife Sherrie now back, how well are you going to play this week (laughter)?

JOHN DALY: She hasn't been able to travel at all this year and I didn't see her but two times while she was incarcerated, so that explains it. She hates to see I played bad golf, but she knew definitely I wasn't cheating on her (laughter).