Bridgestone and Acushnet Settle; World Peace Next?

Susan Decker of Bloomberg reports what sounds like a victory of sorts for Bridgestone:
Acushnet, which makes the Titleist and Pinnacle golf balls, will pay unspecified royalties to Bridgestone, and the companies agreed to cross-license other patents, the companies said in separate statements. The agreement doesn't cover a related suit pending in Japan.

Bridgestone Sports, based in Tokyo, and its Bridgestone Golf unit sued Acushnet in 2005 in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. The company's patented technology relates to ways of making balls so they fly farther, spin better and last longer. One patent is designed to increase a ball's distance when struck by a No. 5 iron or sand wedge.

``We are very pleased to have reached a settlement agreement with Acushnet and to bring the U.S. litigation to an end,'' Bridgestone Sports President Hisashi Kawano said in that company's statement. ``This agreement demonstrates the value of our technology and our intellectual property.''

Acushnet Golf, based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, confirmed reaching a settlement. ``Acushnet considers this matter to be closed and will have no further comment,'' the company said in a statement. Fortune Brands, based in Deerfield, Illinois, also makes Jim Beam bourbon and Moen faucets.