The Donald Can Help You Make Millions In Foreclosures!

34219486.jpgL.A. Times business columnist David Lazarus is in trouble with The Donald!
The column in question involved a seminar held recently at the Pasadena Hilton. It was one of a number of such events held in the region by Trump University, Trump's online business school, founded in 2005.

An ad in this paper quoted Trump as saying that "investors nationwide are making millions in foreclosures . . . and so can you!" It also promised two hours of "priceless information . . . all for free."

Yes, the USGA should definitely do business with this man!
The column included a pretty flattering photo of Trump standing before a poster of himself at a recent event.

In his letter, Trump seemed particularly upset with my observation that his "primary claim to fame these days has been hosting 'The Apprentice' on TV." He wasted no time rebutting this notion.

"I am worth many billions of dollars, am building large-scale developments all over the world, am considered by many to be, by far, the hottest name in real estate," Trump wrote, "and I have to read an article by a third-rate reporter in your newspaper that my 'primary claim to fame' is hosting 'The Apprentice.' "

Show of hands: How many people think of Donald Trump as, by far, the hottest name in real estate? How many think of him as the guy who fires people on TV?

Thank you.

"Unlike many other people that make their money giving seminars," Trump continued, "I made my money in real estate and, as your reporter should have known, I never filed for bankruptcy."
Look what his sorry...Trump card was:
He noted that his Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes is "one of the most successful and highly rated golf courses in the state of California," and that he bought it for "a mere fraction of its current worth."
Wow, no better than Pebble Beach reference. The Donald is off his game.

Anyway, read the rest of the column it's a beauty.