Jason Day Looking To Dethrone Rory's Claim As Best Player Who Could Believes He Could Be Better Than Tiger (And Is Dumb Enough To Tell A Reporter)

Looks like Australian Jason Day has been reading too many of his own press clippings, including this howler from the PGA Tour. From The Age on Nov. 27 (yeah, I'm a little slow).

Day has already claimed his own slice of US golfing history as the youngest player to win a PGA Tour-sponsored event when he won on the secondary Nationwide Tour in July.

"I had a really good amateur career," said Day, who emulated Woods' feat of winning a world junior championship, if not his three consecutive US Amateur crowns.

"Making five out of seven cuts on the PGA Tour (on sponsor invites) was pretty big at 18," he added.

"Winning at 19 and being the youngest on the PGA tour to win ever is pretty big.
Uh...it's called the Nationwi...ah forget it.
"At 19, Tiger didn't win a tournament as a professional.
And that has what to do with this?
"I'm just trying to mark myself up against him.
How about we just play a major first! Or win a PGA Tour event and then we'll try to compare. 
"Next year when I'm on the Tour somehow I've got to win two tournaments because that's what he won and I want to try and keep up with him."

What a good idea!

Day said winning a tournament boosted his confidence.

"At the same time the pressure builds up," he said.

"You're a 19-year-old kid, the youngest kid to ever win a PGA sanctioned event and the media is building you up like you're going to chase down Tiger next year which is a big, big ask for a 20-year-old kid on his first year out on the PGA Tour.

Take that Rory!

"I want to chase Tiger and my goal is to become the number one golfer in the world. That's been my goal since I was a little kid.

"If I work hard on what I need to, I'm sure I can take him down."

Oh but there's more. On whether he thinks Tiger could pick him out of a police lineup:

"He (Woods) watches a lot of golf. He has so much time.

"He played 16 events, what does he do with his time?

"He'd be aware of me, he'd be saying 'here's another kid coming up'

Well if he wasn't aware before, he sure is now.

"I just want to work really hard and take him down."

So glad you repeated it just in case the unbylined writer missed it the first time.

Day owns a house in Orlando just a lob wedge away from Tiger's mansion - at least till Woods relocates to his new spread under contruction.

He hasn't met the great man he plans to dethrone.

"He lives 10 minutes down the road but I've never come across him," he said.

"I must just knock on his door and have a coffee with him and let him know I'm chasing him."

My guess is Tiger doesn't drink coffee Jason. Maybe a carrot juice or some wheat grass.

Meanwhile, Nick O'Hern was asked about the comments

"I don't know Jason myself but from what I've heard and from what I've seen, he's a fine player," said O'Hern.

"One thing I've learned about Tiger though is you don't annoy the guy.

"If you do - look what happened to (Rory) Sabbatini and Stephen Ames."

Hey, at least they'd actually played on the PGA Tour and even entered majors, shoot, even contended in majors when they opened their mouths.