The Donald Serves 30 Day Notice; Scottish Government Folds Like Beach Chair

Andrew Hough reports in The Guardian that the Scottish government is looking for ways to overturn the Aberdeen council's decision to vote down Donald Trump's proposed project.

The timing is curious considering Frank Urquhart's story of The Donald's purported 30-day option on a piece of land in Northern Ireland, along with Trump's threats to the council.

Last night, George Sorial, the Trump executive charged with masterminding the resort development, warned: "The clock is ticking. We are not going to compound one disaster with another."

Mr Sorial said: "There are several reasons behind our decision not to pursue the appeals process - the length of time it would take, the uncertainty of the outcome and also other business deals that we are actively pursuing. If we have an option to build what we want in another place it may be a better business decision for us."

He continued: "I have spent the whole weekend in Aberdeen and I have been reading about the public outcry [over the infrastructure services decision]. There have been two different surveys in which the support of the population has been put at 93 and 89 per cent.

"Over the past couple of days, an overwhelming number of the people have sent me e-mails and come up to me in the street and just expressed their complete dissatisfaction with the result and implored me to impress upon Mr Trump that the people really want this project

It's worth reading some of the comments of users following the Urquhart piece. (294 when I last looked). I'd say it's split more like 50-50.