Changing Groove Spec Means Higher Prices!?'s Blubber and Gorge actually mock some of the equipment manufacturers for claiming in this Jerry Potter USA Today piece that a groove spec change will raise iron prices.

To Solheim that means a return to V-grooves, because he doubts clubs can be cast to the "aerospace specs" that would be required.

"No doubt we'd have to redesign every groove," he says, echoing Vincent's opinion.

Grooves might have to be milled into the face and then buffed to meet the USGA's guidelines. Solheim says that would add another expense to the manufacturing process.

Vincent estimates the changes could add 10% to the suggested retail of TaylorMade's premium irons, priced at $1,299 for a set of eight.

Further, Solheim says, the manufacturing process might require softer metal, which would degrade quicker and limit durability.