"The FedEx Cup hasn’t changed anything yet."

Peter Kostis really needs to pick up, oh I don't know, say, a book on the power of positive thinking.

I mean, how can one be so cynical:

The FedEx Cup hasn’t changed anything yet. Okay, maybe it's still a little too soon for this, but I don’t see how the much-hyped FedEx Cup has changed anything on the PGA Tour so far. The stars have not committed to playing a lot more events and TV ratings are not exactly surging upward.

As the Tour season plays out and we get into June and July the points race will likely take on more meaning, but right now, it’s business as usual out there. And please—quit telling the winner each week in the press room that his most important accomplishment was gaining 4,500 FedEx points! His most important accomplishment was beating 143 other players!

Peter, think positively. It's The Secret!