Sumo Wrestled Off Shelves

Nike's loud and ugly new driver has just a little too much non-conforming spring like effect and should be returned asap for a replacement.

According to Golf World's Bollocks and Gimcrack:

A source familiar with the document said that the document indicates that a manufacturing problem led to a number of the clubheads having "a conformance issue in regards to [spring-like effect]." According to the source, conforming versions will be shipped within a month and will have a circular sticker noting that it is USGA conforming. In addition, the source said, Nike will provide a website for consumers that will allow them to trade in their current Sumo2 driver for the new version.

The driver has been used by several PGA Tour players, including K.J. Choi, who won the Chrysler Championship in October with the club in his bag.

The driver is currently on the USGA's conforming list, and the document states that a new version of the club has already been submitted to the USGA and is expected to be on the new conforming list when it is published on Monday.

In the release sent to its sales team Friday afternoon, the company states that no Nike staff professionals, including marquee player Tiger Woods, are using product that does not conform to all USGA rules.

Boy that's a relief!