It's The USGA's Fault!

Helen Jung reports on the Nike spin control conference call and attributes several interesting comments to Bob Wood. Unfortunately he is not directly quoted on a few of these topics (anyone with a transcript?).

My favorite bits from the story...

Nike Golf learned of the clubs' illegality from the USGA, the governing body of golf, which had been notified by a competing club manufacturer, Wood said.

Wood said that current tests for USGA compliance aren't keeping up with club technology. In the past, measuring the club face might have been a sufficient test for determining a club's "spring-like effect." But now, those tests might not be considering enough factors to give a true reading.

Yes, that's right, it's the USGA's antiquated testing that didn't stop Nike from manufacturing illegal clubs! 

Seriously, he's not trying to blame the USGA for having not caught the illegal clubs from reaching the market? Someone tell me the comments were mischaracterized?