Questions For Billy Payne

masterslogo.gifBilly Payne faces the all-star cast of softball-hurling scribblers and inkslingers for Wednesday's annual chairman Q&A. While he won't flip his lid like Hootie was prone to do, Payne should at least have to earn his pay. Oh wait, he's not paid. Well, they should still ask him a few questions beyond the expected (will you restore exempt status for PGA Tour event winners, will Arnold Palmer be the honorary starter, when are you going to 18-hole TV coverage every year, yada, yada, yada...).

Here are mine. Please feel free to add yours below in the comments section.

  • The USGA claims to have proof that with today's grooves, players can spin the ball more out of the light rough than they can from fairway lies. Therefore, don't you have an obligation to remove the "second cut" if it's an advantage to approach from there?

  • Will the Masters telecasts ever be the same without Bobby Clampett at Amen Corner?
  • Do you feel that tree planting in spots intended as landing areas by Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie infringes upon the integrity of their design? If so, does that matter?
  • Has Richie Ramsay officially committed to the event?
  • Have you considered giving a percentage of tickets to overseas patrons? 
  • Can you explain the strategy that club envisions behind today's 11th hole and how that is consistent with the original design?
  • With apologies to Colbert. Hootie Johnson. Great chairman or the greatest chairman?