"We have Phil Simms at the Super Bowl"

masterslogo.gifScott Michaux profiles Nick Faldo's debut in the Masters booth:

"I mean, I actually love Augusta," he said. "Gosh, it's a Picasso. It's a bloomin' Rembrandt. It's a Mona, isn't it? I took friends who are not golfers last year who've never been and said, 'It's like a work of art, isn't it?' And they said, 'You're right. It's absolutely unbelievable. What a place.'

"Yes, you could get a bit harsh at the odd hole or this and that, but crumbs if you don't like the odd tree."

Ultimately, CBS and Faldo both understand what he brings to the booth: the perspective of a three-time Masters champion. They crave his insights on the course and his empathy for what the competitors are going through.

"We have Phil Simms at the Super Bowl," Barrow said of the former New York Giants quarterback turned CBS analyst. "Phil Simms knows what it's like to go down that tunnel. He knows what it's like to be a part of that game. He knows what it's like to win the Super Bowl. That's what Nick brings to the Masters."

Let's hope he brings a LOT more to the booth than Phil Simms!