Appleby's Third Round Press Conference

Someone likes the setup:

 Q. We had gasps in this room today as we were watching what this course is doing; how would you characterize what the course is doing to the best golfers in the world?

STUART APPLEBY: Well, it's set up right on the safe limit of tournament play. The officials here really know where the pins need to be, they know what the winds are; they are not doing anything silly.

The only really difficult hole from a sense of being too difficult was 14 yesterday, was just impossible to find a shot in your bag. But today, you knew where the danger was, you knew where you needed to play. The greens were consistent. That's what is so good about this place, it just -- it's not funky by any means. It's just a real, real test.

It's a joy to play, finally, I know what I'm doing here, but the whole factor is actually doing it is another game again?