Tiger's Third Round Press Conference

I think this is a vital point not about the setup, but the removal of width. Tiger Woods after round 3:

TIGER WOODS: It was a tough day with the wind gusts. You hit quality shots and just get absolutely hosed. That's just the way it is here. Hopefully you get committed to hit the proper shot and get lucky at the same time with the wind.

Does anyone else get the sense watching in the strong winds today that if the original width was in place, that players could attack tee shots and hole locations a bit more with the freedom to place the ball in more exotic locales? 

I don't think that would entirely offset the point Woods is making, but it sure seems the original width would have helped in today's winds. 

The new tee construction, which has traditionally included the removal of the old tee, has also eliminated flexiblity for the committee in conditions like today. Not that they would probably use it if offered...